What Shoes Coordinate Best with my Gown/Outfit?

You have found the perfect dress! But now comes the next question….What shoes do I get?! This is a common question, but fortunately we are here with helpful tips to make the decision a little less daunting! When shopping at our exclusively Plus Size Boutique, we always recommend bringing in two pairs of shoes.

The first pair should be for the beginning of the wedding ceremony or the beginning of any other special occasion event that you may have. This is normally when pictures are taken. The second pair is to change into for the reception portion of the event. This pair should keep comfort in mind, for this is when the feet begin to ache and who wants to be in pain when trying to dance to your favorite song?! During your one on one fitting, both pairs should be available so that the length of the gown or pants can be adjusted accordingly.

As far as color is concerned, metallic hues tend to be the way to go. They match with a variety of colors and styles. Please be aware that dyeable shoes CAN leave water marks if worn on a moist surface such as grass or mossy areas. The last thing you need are your shoes to be ruined halfway thru picture time! Dyeable shoes may also have to be stretched after dyeing, so definitely keep that in mind if you are on a time crunch.

Whether you are buying your dress as the mother of the bride/mother of the groom, for a bar/bat mitzvah or just for a special occasion you may be hosting, Queen of Hearts is determined to make your shopping experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible!!

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