Find out 2019’s Hottest Color Trends For Mother’s of The Bride and Groom

Wedding season is upon us and you may be wondering what colors are trending in Mother of The Bride/Groom fashion

Navy, Navy and Navy is the color of choice this year! It is dark enough without being black. The color itself is very slimming and naturally exudes confidence. Princess seams styles as a silhouette works best on bottom heavy ladies. Fit and flare styles work best on a lady with a fuller bosom and shapely bottom.

Navy is also extremely versatile when it comes to matching with the rest of the bridal party. You can add pops of color with your accessories, although silver and pewter tend to work best.

Should I Wear A Corsage?

Should I Wear A Corsage?

Traditionally the mothers of the bride and groom as well as grandmothers do wear a corsage at the event. Corsages are usually worn on the left side. However, more contemporary mothers do away with tradition, and order a wristlet worn on the wrist or place a wristlet on their handbag. Also keep in mind, some flowers with a stamen may stain your gown. Always check with your florist and have it removed if necessary.

Mothers of the Bride can carry a bouquet of flowers also known as a Nosegay if the Bride prefers. If you are feeling a bit nervous about your own walk down the aisle, having something to carry may make you more confident! Most types of bouquets are appropriate . The color of the flower should complement the color of your gown and coordinate with the flowers chosen by the Bride.

How Long In Advance Do I Need To Order My Plus Size Dress?

Customers often ask how long does it take to order a dress? It really all depends on when you’re event is. A custom gown made to order, could take 8-12 weeks. Some gowns are in stock at the manufacturer and can be a week to ten days. A gown can always be purchased off the rack, at Queen of Hearts! We have the largest selection of gowns, cocktail dresses, pantsuits and evening wear in the Tri-State Area. If you are unsure about your time constraints, simply give us a call or email us and we will happily let you know if your request can be accomodated!

Jumpsuits… Jumpsuits… Jumpsuits!!!

We’ve got em!! And several styles!!
Off the shoulder
With a cape look
Off the shoulder
With a lace cape
Off the shoulder
With a mesh cape
Cross over front
Liz Clairborne style
Cold shoulder look
With stones or without!!

Any way you like it, it is the perfect replacement for a dress or pantsuit!
Outstanding ladies who wore this style and made it famous were Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth
Taylor, Jackie Onassis and even Cher in the 70’s!
Where can I wear this.. you might ask?
Anywhere you like!
Mother of the more casual Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Guest of a black tie affair
Holiday time entertaining at home
Glam it up or leave it sophisticated. Accessorize with a fabulous pair of earrings and a cuff bracelet
But go for it!!

Ready.. Set… Go!!!!

Color Trends for Fall 2018 Plus Size Formal Wear

With the new season rapidly approaching, you may be wondering what colors are trending for the Fall 2018 Season. We are going to go over a few of the hottest color pairings to give you an idea of where to start when looking for your Plus Size Formal Wear attire!

Lavender & Lilac: These two hues are a match made in heaven! Falling into the “purple” category, these colors offer a light and fresh look. This gives you the ability to be very versatile with your shoe color and accessories. A great choice if you want a soft, classy look.

Dusty Blue and Deep Red: This is such a classic yet bold color combination that continues to be popular year after year. These hues are perfect for Autumn, although they can still be beautiful in any other season. The deep contrast is visually intriguing and is perfect to achieve a high-end look.

Black, White and Gold: This color trio is a knockout, and is rapidly gaining attention especially in the wedding sector. The gold provides just the right amount of shimmer and shine. An otherwise boring black & white, is turned into something truly elegant.

50 Shades of Blue: Ok, maybe we are being a little sarcastic about the number 50 but you get the idea. This color combination is so much fun because rather than picking just one or two variations of the color, you mix a whole bunch and get a beautiful, unique result. Whether your event is simple or over the top, this palette can be dressed up or down and still achieve a very desirable effect.

Wine Red and Peach: Our last Fall color trend is extremely vibrant and also screams Autumn. Very soft and elegant, this color trend became very popular with wedding floral arrangements and has now made its way into the fashion world.

Queen of Hearts offers the largest selection of Plus Size Formal Wear in the Tri-State area! Carrying sizes 16-32, we are sure to have the perfect dress to make you look and feel like the Queen that you are!

I was invited to a “Black Tie” affair. Exactly what does that mean?

I was invited to a “Black Tie” affair. Exactly what does that mean?

Have you ever been invited to a “Black Tie” event and wondered what that entails? When someone invites you to a black tie affair, it does NOT necessarily mean you must wear black. It means you need to be in something formal and long, color is optional. I would however avoid a color that you know is being worn by the mother of the bride, mother of the groom or bridal party. In contemporary times, even cocktail dresses could be appropriate. It simply means that the bride and groom request for you to be more dressed up than a simple suit or dress. Black Tie optional means to be please formally dress in a gown if you have one. At Queen of Hearts we can provide plus size styles for any black tie or optional event.