Many of our customers will ask this question. If you are a plus size lady over a size 26 there is limited selection in the department store. For our customers, sizes 18-26 we help them look and feel special, carry a select group of styles, colors, whereas the mother of the bride or groom you would want to feel more special than anything offered in a department store. If you shop in a department store, any guest could come to the wedding wearing something you may have purchased. I do not know of any mother of the bride or groom who would want a guest wearing her gown! Custom Alterations are also done on premises in our specialty store, to help you look and feel your best! We also suggest the proper accessories and undergarments to flatter your figure. 

Years of experience are available to you in a specialty store, where a department store may be lacking sale staff and plus size expertise. The overall shopping experience is much more personalized in a specialty boutique like Queen Of Hearts.